UT Health East Texas receives $1.5 million grant to focus on women’s health

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Updated: Jan. 31, 2020 at 6:01 AM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As Washington moves to restore federal funding for women's health this month, UT Health East Texas is granting access to healthcare for those who simply can't afford it.

In 2012, President Obama's administration cut federal funding to the state after Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, for its affiliation with abortion.

As a consequence, federal funding for other health services for women was lost.

Now, Trump’s administration is restoring funding.

Whitney Rockwell, Special Project Coordinator for the Preventive Health Grants at UT Health East Texas says ‚”the grant covers it at 100% no cost to the patient we just go based off household income.”

Through the approval of the Healthy Texas Women Program, the Lone Star state is receiving close to $350 million in federal funding for women’s health services through 2025, according to the Texas Tribune.

Rockwell believes its essential for women to have access to quality healthcare. “Women are naturally nurturers. We take care of everyone around us. We take care of our kids, our family, our spouses, significant others, you name it. We always put ourselves last,” explains Rockwell.

Through the federal grant, Rockwell says UT Health East Texas is being awarded $1.5 million to address women’s health needs.

“The fact that these services are out here and they’re free and I’m telling you that they are free. it’s just a matter of applying and qualifying. There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t go unseen,” says Rockwell.

In awarding these grants, health professionals consider this an unparalleled impact in prioritizing those who are low income and uninsured.

“This funding and with the clinic being here in North Tyler a lot of people do not have access to healthcare.”

In addition to prescriptions, vaccinations, breast cancer and cervical screenings, advocates for women health say the funding will provide a wide range of health care services. “We cover complete well women’s exams, we cover all preventative measures, vaccinations, contraceptives, birth control,” adds Rockwell.

That’s why Rockwell is encouraging people to take ownership of their health.

“Be more proactive in your health. We have patients that they started here, and your disease may have escalated up to here just because you weren’t proactive,” explains Rockwell.

Click here: for more information about how to qualify for services or call 903-877-8185.

Tyler Family Circle of Care will also be receiving grant funding through the Health Texas Women's Program.

Right now, the organization is not sure how much money they will receive.

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