Coleman on the Road: Mahomes making good impressions, makes list of most well-mannered sports stars

East Texas roots making a difference for the young superstar athlete

Coleman on the Road: Mahomes making good impressions, makes list of most well-mannered sports stars

(KLTV/KTRE) - The Chiefs Kingdom all gathering tonight at a restaurant in Hollywood, Florida, to talk about the upcoming game, the big game on Sunday. Of course a few are talking about Patrick Mahomes. Jeff Chadiha who works for the NFL Network has spent more time than other professional broadcasters and sports writers with Mahomes, so we had this conversation about what makes this young man and how continues being humble.

“I think what surprised me is how fast he has taken to the NFL. I mean, you know that he’s a super-talented kid, you know he wants to do well," Chadiha said. "But for a kid to come in first year as the starter, throw for 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns, then come back the next year after being named MVP and then the Super Bowl second year first time after 50 years the Chiefs have been here. If you would have told me he would just do a Pro Bowl, just have a really good year as a starter his first couple years, that would’ve been enough for me. He’s just skyrocketed to success, and it’s been amazing to watch.”

Chadiha has visited Mahomes’ hometown of Whitehouse, and says the surroundings tell you about him and why he is the way he is.

“I get a real sense that Patrick takes a lot of pride in being a humble person,” he says. “Being a well-mannered person. I saw some poll on Yahoo Sports named the 10 most well-mannered sports stars in the country; he was one of the top 10 people. Didn’t surprise me because you can see it matters to him how people perceive him. You see it’s important to him that he’s a good person. It’s important how to be a good person.”

Earlier today Lee Steinberg, Mahomes agent, met with reporters and writers at the convention center of course where radio row is, and when he was asked about the contract, the new contract that’s coming in 12-15 months, his response was, :Patrick is only concerned about the game that’s coming up on Sunday," and that’s how it should be.

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