3 men who graduated with Patrick Mahomes inspiring youth in their hometown

They may not be in the Super Bowl, but they’re inspiring youth all the same

3 men who graduated with Patrick Mahomes inspiring youth in their hometown

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - The football field isn’t the only place where graduates from Whitehouse High School’s class of 2013 are inspiring people.

Three former teammates of Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, are now teachers and coaches at Whitehouse ISD — inspiring students every day.

“You don’t get into education just to teach,” said Travis Granberry, an algebra teacher and freshman football coach at Whitehouse High School. “You get into education to educate the young ones and be a positive role model for them.”

Travis Granberry, Trevor Granberry, and Jamal Kennedy all graduated from Whitehouse High School the same year as Mahomes. They didn’t go on to play in the NFL, but they did follow their dreams.

“We had a senior level math course together and were just talking one day, as a class, about what we all wanted to do and all three of us wanted to be coaches,” said Trevor Granberry, a US history teacher and multi-sport coach at Whitehouse Junior High. “We knew going through high school we wanted to be coaches and so we had a dream of playing together. Jamal got here first, then we came too. It’s been a blast. It’s really fun.”

“I enjoy every bit of it,” said Jamal Kennedy, a P.E. teacher and multi-sport coach at Whitehouse Junior High. “I love coming to work each and every day and the joy of teaching and coaching with my fellow classmates, words can’t explain how much I love it.”

Just how Mahomes has to perform, no matter how he’s feeling, for his fans, these three have to perform for their students.

“Education is hard and that’s because it matters and it’s important,” said Trevor. “It’s hard because it matters, every single day. Whether you had a bad night or a bad morning those kids need you and you have to put on your best every single day and constantly tell yourself ‘I need to pour into the lives of these kids’.”

The three teachers said whether their role in a students life is just a teacher, a positive role model, or even a father figure; they try to push their students and athletes to be the best people they can be.

“The classroom is so important,” said Travis. “At some point, athletics is going to end — even for Pat, at some point, he’s going to have to quit playing football. So there’s life after sports. There’s life after high school sports. That’s why we encourage them to get their education. Set your bar high. You want to be in the NFL? Go play in the NFL. But, if you have other dreams, go chase those dreams, even if it’s not sports based.”

For these three, their current roles are dreams come true.

“[I wouldn’t trade spots with Mahomes],” said Trevor. “I love where I’m at and I know God has me where he has me and I feel like I’m making a difference.”

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