UT Tyler offers free textbook to students

The book is published by UT Tyler professors

UT Tyler offers free textbook to students

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It’s something every college student dreads. Paying for textbooks. But for students in UT Tyler’s intro to Texas politics class, their textbook is now free.

"An average student I think these days in Texas is paying close to 500 dollars a semester in book costs alone and so we set out to help alleviate some of that stress by writing a book for them and giving it to them for free,” said UT Tyler political science professor Robert Sterken.

The textbook was written by UT Tyler political science professors for their students.

“We each worked together, with each other on different examples and different ideas and putting things into the textbook that would matter specifically to our students and the way we teach our courses,” Sterken said.

As for the students, they love the sound of free textbook.

"It’s been a joy to say to the students there’s no cost for the textbook. Their first reaction is that they don’t believe it,” Sterken said.

The motivation for writing the textbook all comes down to one thing. Wanting to make college more accessible and affordable.

"If we could put this together, we could save our students dramatically every semester,” Sterken said. The university estimates the free textbook will save their students thousands.

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