Seniors at Buckner Westminster Place celebrate National Hobby Month

Seniors at Buckner Westminster Place celebrate National Hobby Month
National Hobby Month is in full swing at the Buckner Westminster Place as their resident seniors find new things to try out. (Source: KLTV Staff)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - January is National Hobby Month and the residents of Buckner Westminster Place in Longview are observing the month with different life-enriching activities.

The senior living community is holding workout classes such as chair exercises and Zumba, as well as arts and crafts and activities such as knitting.

According to a press release, the community has developed a culture of promoting engagement and socialization, which helps seniors stay active and benefit from their hobbies.

“At Buckner Westminster Place, we pride ourselves as being a community that encourages personal growth and the pursuit of a purposeful life for residents,” said David Sims, executive director at Buckner Westminster Place. “We are committed to helping seniors follow their current passions or learn new hobbies in retirement. We love to see the different activities they enjoy participating in and just how passionate they are for their craft.”

The press release said having a hobby has many benefits for seniors, which can include keeping their brain active, creating a sense of purpose, reducing stress and anxiety, improving self-esteem, and promoting social activities.

“I am so glad that we have bible study and devotion because those type of activities help us grow spiritually,” said Beth Salmon, resident at Buckner Westminster Place, in a press release. “I am thankful for the exercise classes that we have four days a week and will soon have five days a week. I believe they are very beneficial. People who sit and don’t move have more physical problems. Buckner Westminster Place keeps us busy with new and interesting activities, and I am glad we have a variety of them.”

“I love all the activities at Buckner Westminster Place,” said 88-year-old resident June Capshaw in a press release. “I love the exercise classes and how much they help me. I never did exercise classes before moving to Buckner. I try my best not to miss any of them now.”

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