Coleman on the Road: Chiefs coach Andy Reid says Alex Smith mentor to Pat Mahomes

Coleman on the Road: Coach Reid speaks about Smith, Mahomes' relationship

MIAMI, Florida (KLTV) - Today was another day of media availability for both teams, Kansas City and San Francisco.

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid talked about how Alex Smith, the former number one starter a few years ago became a mentor to Patrick Mahomes, saying no one asked him to and has spoken to the kind of person that Smith is and how receptive Mahomes was.

“He wasn’t asked to do this but he let Patrick into his world. Patrick handled it the right way. He was humble around Alex, he didn’t try to overstep his bounds with Alex but yet competed,” Reid said. “So with that, Alex let Pat tagalong with him on the field and off the field, showed him how to be a pro, how you study, your diet, your workout plan, your family.”

It’s often said the relationship between the head football coach and his quarterback goes a long way in determining a team’s success on the field, but if you think about it, there’s some truth to that. Landry and Staubach, Knoll and Bradshaw, Montana and Walsh, and maybe just maybe Reid and Mahomes.

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