Wow factor abounds at East Texas Gemstone and Jewelry Showcase

Gem and Mineral Show

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If you like a good rock show but are worried that maybe it’s not for the kids, well, this one definitely is. The East Texas Gem and Mineral Society is holding their annual Gemstone and Jewelry Showcase this weekend in Tyler.

The school kids get the first crack at the rocks, although the Gemstone and Jewelry Showcase is open to anyone starting Friday. And cracking is just what happens as you walk in the door; with purchased geodes, that is.

Katherine Bunce thinks the show is, well, heavy because:

“Well, I taught earth science, so I taught all of these. And so this is just fascinating,” Bunce said.

Not only to her, but she says kids think it’s a smash too.

“Now days the kids don’t get outside like they used to and they don’t get to see all this. I mean, we played rocks forever, but a lot of them don’t. But, the minute you bring the rocks out into the classroom, it’s amazing. They are all in,” Bunce revealed.

And the show is pretty much a classroom like for Kimberly Meadows and her daughter Willow.

“What did we learn?” Kimberly asked Willow.

“Stuff,” she replied.

“We learned stuff; that amber is lighter the older that it is. I did not know that,” Kimberly said.

It was their first time to the show, but they will be back.

“The vendors are really great about explaining the different rocks to us and we’ve already learned something as soon as we walked in the door,” Kimberly said.

And yes, they got to experience some boring gray rocks which aren’t so boring under a black light.

And rock hound John Hawkins knows there is a display that seems to bring an avalanche of kids: The Rock Food Table. It seems to feature:

“The entire food pyramid,” I said to John.

“Absolutely. Just about anything you want including desserts over there: cheesecake and key lime pie,” John said.

There are literally plenty of gems to see at the show, so the reason to go is crystal clear: get out there before it’s all dust in the wind.

The Gem and Jewelry Showcase runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Tyler Rose Garden Center. It’s five dollars for adults and just a dollar for students.

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