WEBXTRA: Longview hosts Homeless Resource Day

WEBXTRA: Longview hosts Homeless Resource Day

LONGVIEW Texas (KLTV) - In an effort to put a lot of ways to get help under one roof, the City of Longview hosted its Homeless Resource Day at the exhibition center at the Gregg County Fairgrounds on Thursday.

Longview Mayor Andy Mack and community leaders spearheaded the event.

Although the City of Longview has numerous resources available for homeless people to get assistance, those resources are spread out all over the town. The Homeless Resource Day was designed to put a large number of those resources under one roof.

The Lobo Bus, a part of Longview Transit, has been giving people who don’t have any other way to get around rides to the Gregg County Fairgrounds.

Homeless people in need of help can find assistance with housing and health care at the event. They can also get a meal and pick up some clothes if they need them. They can also have their pets microchipped.

“An awful lot of people have shown up at this event trying to get a little help and get back onto their feet,” said KLTV’s Jamey Boyum. “it’s amazing how many people have shown up.”

Boyum talked to many of the people who are putting on the event, and we’ll have more on this story later today.

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