East Texas Boat, RV Show set for this weekend

WEBXTRA: East Texas Boat & RV Show.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It’s been going on 38 years, and it’s far from sinking: The East Texas Boat and RV Show at Maude Cobb in Longview. KLTV takes a look at what is floating people’s boat this year.

Everywhere you look in and around Maude Cobb in Longview is a sea of boats and RVs tempting you with luxurious escape.

Jeff Gage with Plano Marine says they’ve been attending the East Texas Boat and RV Show for thirty years, and he says East Texans like their lakes.

“Within a hundred mile radius we have over thirty lakes and water ways. So it’s an extremely popular pastime and I think we’ve just scratched the surface,” Gage said.

That’s because the whole lake thing is family fun.

“With the new tri-toon that they have out today, we find that if you’re going to own one boat for the family, it seems to fit that bill very well,” Gage stated.

He says people don’t need a lake lot to enjoy a boat.

“Most of our customer base does trailer their boats, and they can be on a different water way, different lake every weekend. So it’s like a stay-cation,” Gage said.

And yes, they’ve put some light on the subject with LEDs, and those make it easier to find that drink holder.

As far as RVs, well David Foster with Hayes RV Center says customers want an RV that looks like home, with stainless.

“We’re seeing just increase in size in the units. They’re getting bigger and bigger and more slide outs. The retro is still there, but going more modern is what we’re seeing,” Foster said.

Back inside on the boats, people want their tech, but they’re also nostalgic.

“Kind of like in the automobile industry, a lot of the retro stuff seems to be coming back. A lot of styling cues on the boats; the designers for the boats are now taking cues from the automobile industry, and it’s not the new ones, it’s the old ones. So they like the lines and the big fins. So you’ll notice a lot of new old school being used in boating,” Gage added.

So, just like pretty much everything else, the pendulum is swinging at the East Texas Boat and RV Show.

Tickets are eight dollars over 12, military is five dollars and kids under 12 are free. The event runs Friday through Sunday at Maude Cobb in Longview.

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