ETX residents honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy

Keeping The 'Dream' Alive

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an East Texas church is joining an organization to honor his legacy.

Dr. King. Was the leader *vital* to the civil rights movement, who was assassinated 51 years ago, but his legacy continues to live on.

Jeff Williams, President, Tyler Together, says, “It’s very important that people understand it’s not just a day off of school or a day off of work, but our young people to understand think back as to where we’ve been and what does that mean.

Williams is the president of Tyler Together Race Relations Forum, which is an organization of diversity and inclusion.

Williams says it’s important to celebrate doctor king’s message of overcoming inequality.

“We have to come together. Martin Luther King says something, and I think that we all need to understand. He says,” We might have come on different ships, but we’re all on the same boat now. When you recognize that; I’m on the same boat, so whatever affects you, affects me,” explains Williams.

That’s why the organization is hosting the 39th annual MLK Jr. Interfaith Community program in hopes of uniting all walks of life in the East Texas area.

It’s not just a black holiday. It’s also a holiday for everybody to look at and to look at America and understand what that really means,” explains Williams.

For the first time, Reverend Matthew Boutler and his congregation will be reflecting on doctor king’s life, while spreading a message of peace.

I’ve gotten to know African American friends, I’ve heard their stories, I’ve been developed relationships with them. It changes things. You’re able to put yourself in their shoes,” says Boulter.

Boutler says it’s important to join forces with the African American community because of the disunity.

“I need to work harder in solidarity with these folks, to be a good friend, to do what i can to promote justice in my own city. I would say it opens your eyes to the reality because there’s two Tyler’s,” says Boulter.

Both boulter and Williams say they will continue to push doctor king’s message forward in hopes of empowering change in their communities.

Change is possible, creativity is possible, courage is possible. It’s possible to question your reality and step out and make a difference so I think this is another reason to celebrate, says Boulter.

“The first step in making any change is to have an awareness that change needs to be done. So, he had a pivotal role In American History, so we need to honor that legacy.”

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