R. E. Lee renovations nearly ready with new technology, collegiate feel

Renovations underway at Tyler's Robert E. Lee High School

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Three years ago, the Tyler Independent School District received $198 million in funds for the Robert E. Lee and John Tyler High School from the 2017 Tyler ISD Bond.

The academic side of R.E. Lee is set to be ready by August 2020 and the entire project is set to be fully completed by the summer of 2021.

Renovations for both schools are currently underway, and T.I.S.D’s Construction Manager, Cherie Jones, is excited to see the schools come together. She believes both students and faculty will be excited to see their new home.

“Going forward, it’s exciting to see the students move in August 2020. A new place to call home; and I think everybody is really excited about that,” she said.

The district’s goal is to make this school have a collegiate feel by having technology be one of their top priorities.

“When you start walking through, you start seeing the latest and new technology. You have interactive flat panels in all of the classrooms,” she said.

Day by day, construction at Robert E Lee High School is inching closer to completion. Currently, they’re in their “punch-out stage.”

The punch-out stage allows crews to take care of the small details of the overall building. This means that they’re installing carpet, wall covering, doors, hardware, and mill work.

Slowly but surely, things are coming together, and Jones believes that once the furniture comes in, it will start to feel real.

“When you get the furniture it brings everything together to the color scheme and seeing all the furniture in it makes it feel real,” she said.

Students will have access to 3D printers and charging stations in the new campus as well as flex spaces that will allow collaborations with other students and teachers.

In eight months, students will soon be able to roam the new halls, and moving forward students will also start to see another wave of construction as the district works on their new indoor athletic center.

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