Business to Business Expo helps companies get exposure

2020 Business To Business Expo

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -An Expo aimed at supporting business growth in Tyler kicks off their 26th annual networking event.

“Last year was our first year and it was a big hit,” explains John Boyd, Territory Manager, Crest Exteriors, LLC. With the goal of supporting businesses, Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce's annual Business to Business Expo gives professionals the tools they need to succeed.

“Our competition is there, but in that setting its healthy competition. We're friends with a lot of the roofers in town and it's kind of fun to get out there and mingle,” explains Boyd.

Business leaders says the community interaction at the event has become a valuable asset for their company.

“It was our number source of revenue which is great it was our number one source of finding folks to help. We got to get our name out there with some prominent realtors in town.”

With more than 150 businesses on display, Henry Bell, Chief Operating Officer with the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, says the expo is a great way for businesses to gain exposure.

“Its important because especially in the technology age that we live in is that a lot of people don't communicate face to face like they used so that gives that opportunity,” says Bell.

Bell says one stop shop event educates the community about what services it has to offer.

Businesses on display will range from insurance services, technology and landscaping services.

“Every opportunity we can offer for them to network we do that and we do it all year round. The expo is just the big event to start the year with,” explains Bell.

City leaders say it's a win-win for the community when fruitful relationships are formed.

“We want to keep dollars local as much as we can and regenerate and grow the economy and grows everybody's business.”

The expo is set for this afternoon, from 1 p.m. 6 p.m., at the Harvey Convention Center in Tyler.

To get in, you’ll either need to pay $5 or give a business card.

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