Smith County residents, game wardens rescue injured bald eagle

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Updated: Jan. 14, 2020 at 6:42 PM CST
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SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - When Cameron Frowick was pulling down his driveway yesterday, he saw something unusual.

"I was driving on the driveway here and it was just hopping across this field trying to fly and I could tell it was struggling,” Frowick said.

The animal that was struggling was a bald eagle. With a badly injured right wing, the eagle was unable to fly. It came to a stop in a wooded area.

With the help of Texas Parks and Wildlife, they were able to get it out of the woods, but catching the bird was no easy task.

"It’s tough catching a bird. Especially one that’s no longer able to fly. But they can still move pretty fast on the ground, so it was definitely a challenge,” Game Warden Zach Temple said.

Cameron, his wife, and three game wardens all tried to catch the eagle.

"The game wardens got a blanket and tossed it over it, it calmed the bird down,” Frowick said.

After about thirty minutes, they were able to get the bird into a cage. Game wardens then took the eagle to an animal rehabilitator.

"If we can get this one back up on its feet, great, we’ll release it out here and hopefully it’ll go back to its nest,” Frowick said.

The eagle will be watched carefully over the next ten days as it heals from its injury.

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