Oil and gas industry puts $16.2 billion back into state economy in 2019

Texas Oil and Gas Association releases annual energy and economic impact report

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Texas Oil and Gas Association announced their annual energy and economic impact report Tuesday morning and Texans are benefiting in a big way.

“It’s unbelievable what the oil and gas industry funds in this state -- education, schools, universities, the rainy day fund, projects, infrastructure I think a lot of people don’t realize that. It’s huge,” said Gates Brelsford, the co-owner of Brelsford Personal, a recruiter for the industry.

A record breaking $16.2 billion were allocated to the state, for schools, teachers, roads, infrastructure and healthcare. These funds also helped fund UT-Tyler’s new Health Science Center.

“We know that $1.54 billion were paid directly to Texas school districts we know that over a billion dollars were paid into our permanent university fund another billion dollars was paid into the state’s permanent school fund benefiting all Texas schools,” said Todd Staples, the president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association.

With the industry doing well, it provided jobs across the state and even here in East Texas.

“It’s bound to be a boom for Tyler it’s what I would think because they make money and they employ workers and that’s whats best for Tyler,” said Ronnie Stutts, a Tyler resident.

And as technology gets better, Staples tells us that emissions will decrease.

“And oil and natural gas companies are leading the way in climate solution they are working toward a lower emission future,” Staples said.

Although the business’ growth is not guaranteed, the industry is looking to focus on the progress in improving the economy and protecting the environment.

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