Better East Texas: Political messages of Golden Globes

BET: Messages from the Golden Globes

(KLTV/KTRE) - The Golden Globe Awards were on TV recently and, as has been the custom in recent years, there was ample political messaging during the acceptance speeches.

Host Ricky Gervais tried to set the tone by humorously pleading with the nominees not to spew political messages but it went unheard by many. There was appropriate emphasis on the wildfires in Australia and several globe winners talked about global warming. But one winner’s speech had a bit of a twist on that message.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, who was recognized for his role in the movie The Joker, actually went after some of his peers. Phoenix noted that he personally could do better but chided those stars and industry heavyweights that routinely take their private jets to different locations and events. Joaquin’s point being that flying private is a contributor to climate change. It is unquestionably a dramatic increase in one person’s carbon footprint when compared to groups flying commercial.

But Joaquin Phoenix at least had the courage to point out the hypocrisy by the ultra-wealthy that were in attendance at the Golden Globes. Perhaps it will spur some in that arena to act and use the platform they have – however diminishing – for good. Our kids are concerned about climate change as they regularly see messages that are one sided or politically motivated without any true collaboration across the globe. So, we’ll see what the next set of awards shows have to offer in this message circle and if the spotlight can be shone on those that can make a difference.

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