‘It’s just a mess right now’: Rusk County family recalls night storms damaged home

‘It’s just a mess right now’: Rusk County family recalls night storms damaged home
A family in the Minden area of Rusk County said in the span of just a few minutes, severe weather swept in, split trees at their trunks, damaged their roof, and moved on. No one was hurt, but extensive damage was done to the home, one family member told us. (Source: KTRE News)

MINDEN, Texas (KTRE/KLTV) - A Rusk County family recalled the moments the force of a severe storm damaged the roof of their home and split several trees in their yard.

Tarah Duncan’s family lives just north of the Minden off of County Road 317. She said she was home Friday night when severe weather swept through the area.

“It was about 11 o’clock, and it had been raining on and off, not too bad,” said Duncan. “We were in the living room and, all of a sudden, the lights had gone out.”

Duncan said shortly after the lights when out, it sounded as though the storm had passed. That’s when she said the house began to shake.

They don’t have a basement but were able to get to a hallway where they closed the surrounding doors.

“The front door was banging on and off. We ran into the hallway, and the whole house was shaking for a couple minutes," Duncan recalled. “Like a bunch of water started leaking through the vents of the hallway.”

Duncan said her parents parked down the road and walked to the home just moments after the shaking stopped and the rain began again. They found tree limbs and pieces of their roof scattered in their yard.

“I came outside with the flashlight and everything was just destroyed. My pillars were kind of knocked off the front porch," Duncan said. "My garage pole is, it’s gone. It was completely knocked off. All the shingles from the roof are in the backyard in the trees, in the front yard. All of our big trees are gone.”

Duncan said her parents’ car was stuck down the road because of fallen trees.

“Both ways there were trees everywhere, down. So nobody could drive up, there were a bunch of people walking down the road, I heard chainsaws," said Duncan. "Yeah they were already clearing trees out of the road.”

Monday afternoon Rusk County Management was able to get out and begin clearing out the fallen trees.

“We have to come out at night and clean up all of the roads and we have to open them up so that people can get back and forth to where they’re going, to work or wherever,” said an employee with Rusk County Management.

Duncan said that no one was injured.

“The trees were down, the roof was completely destroyed; we have to redo our entire roof,” Duncan said. “It’s just a mess right now.”

(Source: Erin Wides, KTRE News)
(Source: Erin Wides, KTRE News) (Source: KTRE News)

Damage was also reported in Rusk County and Nacogdoches County. The National Weather Service’s office in Shreveport said that they are hoping to make it to Rusk Monday to determine the exact cause of the damage.

The National Weather Service has confirmed the damage caused in the Lakewood community of Shelby County was caused by an EF-1 tornado.

Another EF-1 tornado touched down in Panola County, the NWS reported on Sunday.


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