Kilgore residents thankful for helpful neighbors after storm

Community, neighbors help in clean up efforts in Gregg County

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - Residents in the city of Kilgore are thanking city employees and neighbors for their help with damaged homes Saturday.

“It was kind of like having a monster vacuum cleaner, a horrific sucking sound,” said Kim Briggs and Sally Herring, describing what it sounded like when the storm hit their home Friday night. “Almost a train noise; things flying everywhere, obviously.”

Their home was severely damaged.

“It was a very scary thing and it was all at once,” said Herring. “Everything happened in an instant.”

Although they hadn’t slept at all by Saturday afternoon, they credited city employees for their hard work.

“The City of Kilgore worked all night long from midnight and they’re still out here cutting trees over there,” said Briggs. “There were trees everywhere.”

Down the street, their neighbors were getting a hand — or lots of hands — from their friends and fellow church members.

“We asked if it was okay for us to take [the tree] out and they said go ahead,” said Rick Murphy, who was helping a fellow church member who had a tree fall on his home. “He called the contractor and said he had church members that were going to do it for him.”

Those helping said that’s what small-town friends are for.

“They just pitch in and help any way they can,” said Murphy. “We’re just a little small town and most everybody knows everybody or know of everybody. We all just pitch in, it’s what small towns do.”

“This is a tight neighborhood, we watch out for each other, it’s a wonderful place to live,” said Briggs. “This is just stuff, we’re okay and thank God for that we’re okay; this can be replaced.”

The Kilgore police department is urging the public to sign up for the new Smart 911 emergency notification system to be notified of severe weather in their area.

They’re also asking residents to place tree limbs and brush at the side of the road for the city to start cleaning up on Monday.

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