Protect your New Year’s Resolution Beyond Quitter’s Day

Protect your New Year’s Resolution Beyond Quitter’s Day
Healthwise with Karin McCay - 10.23

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Did you know that January 12th is called "Quitters Day"?

Studies have shown that is the day that most New Year’s Resolutions fall apart.

Dr. Michael Gomez, Ph.D., a physchologist and Texas Tech Physician, says you can help stick to your goals by practicing mindfulness, which indicates a strong focus.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, he says slow down and really think about what you’re eating. He explains, “A lot of people eat their food but they don’t taste it. Just follow it through the whole body and take the next bite. That will often trigger you to feel, ‘I am actually full right now’. So, the quantity of what we eat will go down and cause weight loss.”

Dr. Gomez describes mindfulness as another word for focus and concentration. He says we often set goals but are not really focused on that goal. So, it’s easy to relapse. Mindfulness, he says, is a way to remember what is truly important so the effort is more likely to stick.

Dr. Gomez says mindfulness can be used to change many behaviors, even mindful driving.

But… what about that piece of cake that is a huge temptation?

He says temptation means you’re dealing with an intense emotion. The good news is it passes. He says, “Intense emotions tend to last chronologically 90 seconds at their max with a 12 to 15 second peak of the biggest intensity.” He offers a trick to weather that period of intense emotion. Literally, he says it is much like concentrating on a bird that is crossing the sky.

To better understand that, watch the video included here.

And good luck in protecting your New Year’s Resolution through January 12th… and beyond!

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