Touring West Texas Big Bend parks

Touring West Texas Big Bend parks

WEST TEXAS (KLTV) - There are many travel treasures here in Texas, and one popular destination is from West Texas. Big Bend.

Spanning across Presidio and Brewster counties, there are over 1-million acres of park land between Big Bend State Park to the north, and Big Bend National Park to the south.

Many visitors come for the astounding rugged beauty of the foothills and mountain peaks of the Chisos and Davis mountains.

"We really didn't expect what we got. I'm sure we'll come back here because there's no way to cover all this land and to see all these beautiful places in a week," said New Mexico visitor Diana Perriot.

Dozens of hiking trails give visitors a chance to enjoy nature in very remote desert locations. Among them the popular 'Chimney Rock' formations.

One of the hidden treasures of Big Bend is exploration. Closed Canyon Trail is a favorite for hikers.

Thousands of years of wind and water erosion have formed the canyon to look like something built for a movie set.

Then there’s the Rio Grande River. A favorite spot is near the monstrous wall of the Santa Elena range, separating the US from Mexico.

"It's absolutely majestic, absolutely that's the best word to describe it. Even doing this trail from the mountain we came from. It's just beautiful. It was absolutely breathtaking and exceeded my expectations significantly," said hiker Cihan Achii.

“We did the South Rim Trail yesterday and that was 13 miles. Up in the mountains, it was beautiful,” said Pennsylvania visitor Katrina Kinneer.

Scenic overlooks are dotted throughout the parks. Canoeing the river and horseback exploration are frequent sights.

Visitors from all over the US and the world are regulars at Big Bend.

"A million acres, we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, so we're definitely coming back," said visitor Gary Kinneer.

Big Bend park entrances are open 24 hours daily, all year.

Lodging and camping is available.

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