Peaches Owen leaves behind ‘legacy of giving’

Peaches Owen leaves behind “legacy of giving”

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - “Peaches Owen was just truly a beautiful person, she loved everybody, and she shared what she had with everybody,” said Dawn Franks, the executive director of the Louis and Peaches Owen Family Foundation.

"Anybody who was a friend of Peaches Owen knew that they could count on her as a friend and her generosity would be more than anybody could ever expect.”

Franks said she considers Owen a close friend.

“I had the privilege of knowing her before she was someone of great means, during the earlier years,” said Franks. “She was always someone who gave from whatever she had, from her heart. It didn’t matter that she might not have a great deal to give, but she would give.”

Franks said she knows Owen was proud of the hospital she and her husband helped build, the many different organizations and churches she was able to help, and, mostly, their family’s foundation.

“She definitely was very proud of having the opportunity to create the Owen Family Foundation because it was an opportunity to involve her children and grandchildren and perpetuate the giving which she saw as extremely important,” said Franks.

Owen leaves behind a legacy of giving, according to Franks.

“At the end, it’s about giving to something that’s close to you and something important,” said Franks. “She would want people to do that and to always be someone who looks to take care of their fellow man, their friends and family. Her legacy is giving and sharing that opportunity to give.”

Information about Owens’ funeral services can be found here.

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