Free haircuts for people with special needs at salon in Tyler

Free Hair Cuts

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Donna Granberry has a 17-year-old son with special needs.

“That’s my son over there and he’s not patient all the time,” said Granberry pointing to her son waiting for his haircut at her salon on Saturday. “Sometimes we get our arms grabbed and we have to fight to make that haircut happen and I know it wasn’t easy as a parent to give your kid a haircut.”

Granberry’s son Jordon inspired her to give back to other children with special needs.

“I wanted to give something special back to special people that was something I could give,” said Granberry. “The gift of patience while cutting hair is something I could give back.”

For seven years, Granberry has been offering free haircuts to anyone with special needs, in December.

“All the haircuts are complimentary,” said Granberry. “We ask for nothing but smiles.”

She said she chooses December so that people can take family Christmas photos or have pictures taken with Santa.

“Donna does a very good job working around them because they’re very challenging. They’re very resistant and don’t understand why we need these things all the time,” said Samantha Allen, who took her three sons with special needs to Salon Selections on Saturday. “Donna and Jinger... they’re wonderful, they’re amazing.”

Granberry said she’s happy to help those getting their haircut and their families and caretakers.

“I believe that when you go out in the world and do good; when you look good you do better,” said Granberry."

Her salon accepts appointments year-round for people with special needs.

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