Disabled woman and former criminal justice chief create safe place for disabled

Coffee and Crepes

PALESTINE, Texas (KLTV) - A disabled woman and a former criminal justice chief joined together to create a safe place for the disabled in Palestine.

And now, they’re asking the community for help to finish what they have started.

It's a place meant to welcome everyone; the homeless, veterans, those with medical issues and disabilities.

“I want to show people that people with disabilities, or the elderly, or minors, or ex-vets that we need to have a little more compassion and work with everyone,” Coffee and Crepes administrator Dara Llorens says.

Compassion is a personal objective for Dara Llorens, as she is disabled herself, born with cerebral palsy, with a father in the military.

“People take learning slow and being disabled and mis-concept it with different things,” Llorens says.

Llorens along with her business partner Susan Bauer came up with the idea of creating a community project that could offer people marked by challenges; a meal, a shower, and a job.

“There’s a lot of praying in this town and not enough action,” Llorens says.

The Foundation of Coffee and Crepes has been built but Llorens and Bauer need to help making it suitable for those in need.

“It can’t just be a plain sink, it can’t just be a plain oven, it has to be commercial grade, so that is a lot more than we have,” Coffee and Crepes supporter Susan Bauer says.

The owners made a promise; to hire people with disabilities, retired, under-aged, and veterans, and will carpool or pay for gas expenses for its employees.

“We want to help out, we want to make a difference,” LLorens says.

And Llorens and Bauer say to be able to keep that promise, they need the community’s help.

Coffee and Crepes need $50,000 more to finish out their dream.

Dara Llorens and Susan Bauer say they hope to open Coffee and Crepes in January, if all goes well.

If you would like to donate, go to the Coffee and Crepes GoFundMe page.

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