‘I’ve always wanted to be a sheep!’ Nutcracker adds more animals to cast

Nutcracker adds more animals

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - After being inspired by a French ballet, Thereza Bryce-Coets added sheep to the Tyler Junior College Nutcracker performance last year. This year, she added even more animals.

“This year I decided to add two pigs, and I already had the farmer that came out with the sheep, and then I said, ‘well if I have the pigs and the sheep I might as well have a dog,’” said Bryce-Coets, who is the ballet mistress for the TJC Dance Academy. “So, this year I have the two pigs that are new and the dog.”

She said the choice came easy after the audience’s reaction last year.

“I just got inspired from the audience loving the animals so much,” said Bryce-Coets.

Those playing the animal roles are glad to fill those hooves.

“It’s silly and fun,” said Stella Franks, who plays a sheep. “I’m glad I’m a sheep. I’ve always wanted to be a sheep.”

“We get to make funny faces,” said Adley Bolton, who plays a pig. “Sad, or sleepy, or something.”

Those who play the animals don’t take the roles lightly.

“It’s actually really hard,” said Franks. “It’s a privilege to be in the Nutcracker.”

They said they hope the audience enjoys their performance as much as they do.

“They would like how we’re dancing, how we move, how our face is,” said Bolton. “How we’re acting, how we’re funny, or sad, or emotions.”

For Bryce-Coets, the little ones are an inspiration.

“Some of them can get really animated and they get so excited, it gets me so excited to know that a child can really act up a part like that,” said Bryce-Coets. “Sometimes they even teach me. They’ll do things I can’t think about because they’re so into that part that it inspires me to do more and get better when I’m teaching them.”

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