Thieves break through wall of Longview church, steal safe

Thieves break through wall of Longview church, steal safe

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Thieves broke into an East Texas church and stole a safe out of the church office.

It happened at the Lighthouse Church on Highway 80 in west Longview. KLTV 7 spoke to the pastor who says a burglar was in and out quickly like he knew where he was going, and the pastor knows that because it was caught on camera.

WEBXTRA: Thieves break through wall of Longview church, steal safe

At the Lighthouse Church in Longview the alarm didn’t sound until the back door was opened to take the safe out. Pastor Tommy Brasher says it because the break in wasn’t through a door.

“We didn’t notice this right off. We started checking doors and all the doors seemed to be locked except that door there,” Brasher said.

Someone broke into the church through the wall.

“They had drills and took the bolts out of the metal sheeting on the side of the building, bent it up, cut the wires and kicked the sheet rock in and came in through that right there,” Brasher explained.

From there the burglar, covered from head to toe, went straight to the pastor’s office like he knew where it was. He got a glass jug with a couple hundred dollars in change and:

“They got a safe, an old old safe,” Brasher said.

There was a second person outside to help wheel the safe out of camera range.

“But you see I would like to be able to see the expression on their faces when they opened that safe because there wasn’t a thing in it,” Brasher said.

That’s because the numbers on the safe dial were worn and someone tried to repaint them, but Brasher says that had made it worse,

“I mean got it where I couldn’t tell anything. And I couldn’t open the safe so we had a man come out and open the safe because I had to have some papers out of it. And so while we had it open I took everything out of that safe,” Brasher revealed.

So the burglars were crafty, but maybe not that smart. The pastor says they just had the security cameras put in, but there wasn’t one pointed at the back wall where they broke in. In the meantime:

“We’re just going to keep praying for them,” Brasher added.

Pastor Brasher says he wants to make other churches and businesses to be watchful since investigators tell him that it looks like a professional burglary.

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