The floating tractors of Efurd Orchards

The Floating Tractors of Efurd

Camp County, Texas (KLTV) - There is something just south of Pittsburg on 271 that has people turning around and going back to get a better look, or even a few pictures, of the floating tractors of Efurd Orchards.

They seem to defy the laws of physics but Brantly Efurd and his dad Greg painstakingly placed poles that would make the floating tractors in the Efurd Orchard pond look like some kind of miracle.

“We got a fellow that had a track hoe, a buddy of my dad’s, brought it out, got some cross ties, laid them out far enough into the pond to where he could run his track hoe out there. The pond’s not very deep. Anyway, he drove out on those cross ties and we pushed three poles into the ground with the front end of that track hoe,” Brantly said.

Instead of trying to get the poles at the right level, they cut them off and then:

“Set that tractor on there with that track hoe also,” Brantly relayed.

But that wasn’t enough for Brantly’s dad. He wanted a second floating tractor that was even heavier than the first. They had to get a bigger machine.

“Had a crane come out and set it on stilts that we’d already hammered into the ground. We got us a boat and put a platform on it and hammered the poles into the ground and got it right level. If it wasn’t level we cut it off and set the tractor on top of it,” Brantly explained.

There is a trick to keeping the water touching the tires.

“We keep the water level just right there under the tires by a pump. So that’s how we kind of keep it at the same level,” Brantly revealed.

Brantly says it doesn’t matter if they have produce to sell or not. Sometimes people come by anyway.

“Drive on past, you’ll see them put on the brakes; back it all the way up to take a picture of the tractors,” Brantly said.

The Farmall tractor had been in a neighbor’s family for decades.

“He’s been watching it for years, and finally he asked them about it one day and they said come get it,” Brantly said.

They liked the idea of it being showcased.

“They were glad. They wanted to see something done with it that they could come by and look at it,” Brantly stated.

Ironically he says his dad got the whole idea of floating the slow moving vehicles from something at the other end of the spectrum at the:

“Texas Motor Speedway, I think they had a car sitting out on the water. We drove by there one day and he said that’s a pretty cool idea. I may put some old tractors out there on our pond,” Brantly recalled.

And there they sit with plenty of time to reflect. They are quite an “attractor.”

Brantly’s dad Greg has a pretty big collection of tractors, and he chose those two because the engines are locked up and not worth fixing.

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