Fallen tree leads to bee swarm in Longview


LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas resident suddenly was faced with thousands of tiny problems after cutting down a tree on his property: a swarm of honey bees. They were living in a hollow near the top of the tree.

Bee Tree

And the man with the chainsaw had more of an aversion to the issue than most since he is allergic to bee stings.

It started as a call to 911 as smoke in the area. When firefighters arrived they discovered just why Jose Torres had lit a small fire on his property. It was to keep a swarm of bees away from his house.

“A lot, a lot of them. A thousand, a million, I don’t know, just coming out of there,” Torres said.

He says he’s cut down a lot of trees and admits he didn’t check to see if there was anything in the tree.

“The tree came down, the bees go out; everybody ran,” Jose said.

Including his son Guillermo Torres who said his dad grabbed the only anti-bee tool he had handy.

“He was walking around with a leaf blower trying to keep them away from us until he got away,” Guillermo relayed.

“Everybody ran I used the blower and ayyyyay. It came into my brother, my friend’s covered right here in the hair, right here,” Jose stated.

Jose said he actually blew them off of one of his friends, but everyone did the same thing:

“Try to get away from them. Let them calm down. Once you swat one the rest will try to come at you so we tried to stay away from them,” Guillermo said.

“I used my blower, I started a little fire. I was scared you know,” Jose smiled.

And he had advice for everyone there:

“Man, go inside to my house, go inside, everybody go inside to the house,” Jose recalled.

And of course, that’s when the fire department showed up. They made sure the fire was out, and did a little sampling of the honey. That part at least was pretty sweet.

You think there’s a lot inside?” Jose asked a firefighter.

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

“Inside” Jose asked again.


“Oh my gosh.”

The fire department just gave him a warning about burning in the city limits, considering the circumstance. But Jose was pretty nervous the whole time.

“Man, I was scared. I was so scared, I am still,” Jose added.

He said he discovered his allergy to bee stings when he suffered several stings on his face as a child, but he had never seen anything like this.

And you can bet he’ll look a little closer the next time he fells a tree.

Although the bees landed on several people no one was stung. Jose got some help and the bees were relocated away from his property.

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