WEBXTRA: Tennessee Walking Horses

WEBXTRA: Tennessee Walking Horses

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - It’s all in the way they walk that will bring World Champion, and a Longview man and his nine-year-old son, have ridden their way to those awards.

Tennessee Walking Horses

The Tennessee Walking Horse Championships are quite a bit different than rodeo, and a Longview man and his son are riding, wining and producing some of the best walking horses in the world.

Blake Cammack runs Welch Funeral Home in Longview, but he and his son Jackson Cammack share a passion for a horse of a different walk.

“My grandfather and I started this while I was still in high school. My family has been involved with horses for as far back as anybody can remember,” Blake said.

Blake became World Champion in August 2019. Before that, he had drifted away from the show horses, but his son brought him back to it.

“My son Jackson came along and he was three years old. We went to a horse show and he said he wanted to show horses and we did that for a couple years and then he looked at me and he told me that he wasn’t doing that anymore that he was going to show performance horses,” Blake stated.

So Blake said he said he was going to get one horse. The Tennessee Walking Horses are bred to walk at a certain gate for a smooth ride, and they’re not exactly cheap, but now:

“I think we’re up to about fifteen again,” Blake revealed.

Blake says the horses got their start:

“In the 1800s, for plantation owners to get around their plantations comfortably,” Blake explained.

The competition has become a pretty big deal over the years. And well, Jackson realized that, yes:

“They’re fun to ride and they’re nice animals,” Jackson revealed.

“They’re’ a lot bigger than you,” I offered.

“A lot,” Jackson agreed.

“But you don’t have a problem with that?”

“No,” he said.

But even at the ripe old age of nine, when he won his age group at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration he:

“Was really surprised,” Jackson said.

“When I won my World Championship, the first one this year, with the Titlist Masterpiece, Jackson showed the very next class on Benelli and won a Reserve World Championship. So it was real neat to get to win back to back like that,” Blake said.

Blake keeps saying he’s going to quit this whole thing that his grandfather got him into, but his son Jackson just keeps pulling him back in. But, you know, it’s not their first rodeo.

Even though it’s not really rodeo.

Blake says he boards his horses in Tennessee since it was just too much running a funeral home and training horses, although he has a few in East Texas that he’s breeding. In fact, he sold one foal the day before it was born.

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