Longview’s Santa Land is bigger and better than ever

WEBXTRA: Carmela's Magical Santa Land

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Well it’s back and it’s bigger and brighter than ever, and under a new name. Yes, Carmela’s Mini-Santa Land is no more. It is now called Carmela’s Magical Santa Land.

Carmela's Magical Santa Land

It’s been four years since it moved from Carmela Davis’s home to the hill on 259 north of Longview, and Carmela decided on a slight name change to Magical Santa Land. She no longer uses the word:

“Mini, everybody thought oh there’s nothing there to see. And when they realize we don’t charge we just ask for donations, a lot of people say well why do I want to come see it? It must not be good enough because you don’t charge and it’s mini,” Carmela said.

And she chose the word magical because:

“When I see the kids out here and it brightens their life up, and you watch them just get so excited even about singing the songs to Frozen or just seeing the lights and just different things; oh there’s Rudolph or there’s Santa or whatever. It brings the magic out in all of us,” Carmela explained.

She says every year there are additions. In fact this year they had SWEPCO install another transformer so they could add:

“A whole lot more lights. We took the winter wonderland area and completely redid it and added to it tremendously; probably almost double the blue lights that we had in the past. Of course we always added more deer so it’s always a fun thing to come out and count the deer. We won’t tell the answer until the very end. And of course always look for the Twelve Days of Christmas,” Carmela said.

In fact Carmela says there are now somewhere around four million lights stretching farther and brightening up the Gregg county night.

“It gives you more time to really enjoy the whole experience, again making it a magical experience, for those that are young and old,” Carmela stated.

There is a reason, besides Carmela’s year round cheer, for adding stuff every year.

“We want it to be different for you, and whether that means more trees covered, more decorations, just something that makes it a little bit more of a different experience,” Carmela added.

And the location of that master bulb is a well-guarded secret.

Carmela’s Magical Santa Land opens daily at 5:30 and closes at 10pm. The mile of lights is free to visit, although they do appreciate donations. And the kids can visit Santa about half way through the ride.

A little tip from Carmela: Monday Tuesday and Wednesday have the shortest wait in line to get in.

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