Better East Texas: Kaepernick still on outside looking in

BET: Kaepernick on outside looking in

(KLTV) -NFL quarterback Collin Kaepernick is still on the outside of the league, looking in.

Kaepernick held an open workout recently in hopes of signing with a team to start playing again. But this event was just as much a test of Kaepernick’s plans and presence as it was a demonstration of his athleticism. Few would argue that he has the skills and ability to be a top quarterback and return to some level of success. But the league is not in a hurry to get the Kaepernick issue solved.

And time is on their side as Kaepernick ages slowly and as another season gets closer to being locked as far as free agents being signed. Several teams could benefit from his skills on the field, but it is obvious the league and the owners are not prepared for the potential distraction off the field. So, Colin Kaepernick will have to make another move if he wants to play again and it seems like it is not a physical move, but rather an off the field move – one that will show owners what they can expect if he is re-signed.

And, because they hold all the chips, he will need to fall in line with the league’s policies that were instated because of what he started. It doesn’t mean that he has to change his commitment or position on those issues, but it does mean he will have to follow some new rules and the league does not appear to be convinced of that in any way. Time and actions will tell if Kaepernick becomes part of a team or if his NFL days are done.

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