Better East Texas: Avoiding holiday stress

BET: Battling holiday stress

(KLTV) - Happy Thanksgiving and happy holiday season, East Texas. For many of us, when we see the holidays approaching, we start to feel overwhelmed, stressed, challenged and just generally under the gun. This time of year can certainly be the most stressful. But why does a time of year, devoted to celebrations, relationships and spiritual high points, cause so much stress? We see it coming on the calendar, so there are few surprises.

But it is still a challenge. Perhaps this will be the year that we are able to, at least in small doses, enjoy the holidays for what they should be. To do that it will take some discipline, though. We get pressure from social media where everyone is posting bright and shiny family pics, making everything look like a Hallmark movie.

We are pressured to out-perform last year’s gift giving, generating even more pressure on the wallet. We ultimately want everything to be perfect, in an imperfect world. And we fail to recognize that much of the time. So, let’s start by setting reasonable expectations for the holidays, resist outside expectations to perform and take the time to focus on the things that are truly important in our lives.

Those things are not wrapped in paper, and they don’t put a dent in our pocketbook that takes ten months to recover from; rather they are found in the faces and places that make up family and friends. Take time and pause for those moments – for they are the truly lasting and important things in our lives. And maybe, just maybe, the holidays will be a little less stressful and truly Holy.

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