Salvation Army volunteers deliver food to those working on Thanksgiving

Salvation Army Thanksgiving deliveries

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - The Salvation Army prepared meals Thursday morning for those in need, as well as for those who aren’t able to get the day off.

For some families, volunteering with the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving is a yearly tradition.

“This is our third year doing this; we started when she was little,” said Silvia Sanchez about her daughter Ruby. “She wanted to help out and she’s basically loved it ever since.”

Ruby said she enjoys volunteering for two reasons.

“I love volunteering because I get some mom time,” said Ruby, laughing. “I also like giving back to the community.”

This mother-daughter duo delivered meals from the Salvation Army to employees working at the Smith County Jail.

“They’re actually taking time away from their families to be with people who need us,” said Silvia. “Jobs like that don’t stop; it’s ongoing, there’s not a holiday. It’s an everyday thing.”

“Most officers, we don’t get holidays and things off, we still have to work,” said Lieutenant Jeremy Thompson with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office. “People like the Salvation Army, and local churches will bring up trays or food just so they can feed the people having to work — not only on patrol, but in the jail too.”

Thompson said it means a lot.

“It shows our people in law enforcement, especially the ones in the jail who are often forgot about, that we appreciate them and the work they do,” said Thompson.

He said he commends all of his officers and other first responders working on holidays for the great job they do.

WEBXTRA: Salvation Army delivers food to Smith County employees working on Thanksgiving

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