Demolition of notorious Globe Inn underway in Longview

Globe Inn Demolition

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Longview’s Globe Inn is being torn down.

It was once a popular stop for the road-weary, but in recent years it became known for harboring criminal activity: Longview’s Globe Inn. It will soon be no more as demolition has begun. KLTV 7 spoke with the city about the hotel’s past, and the lot’s possible future.

If you’ve driven down Highway 80 in Longview, you’ve seen it: The Globe Inn.

“You know the Globe has been an important part of Highway 80 for a long time, but it’s been a long time since it’s been an important part of highway 80,” City Spokesman Shawn Hara said.

Hara says the Globe Inn had gone into a decline over the years.

“Historically this property was one where our police department was responding often. And so the police department actually went through a process to try to get that addressed. That property owner decided to sell, and now we’ve got a totally new direction,” Hara stated.

Of course, it starts with permits and then demolition, which is under way.

“The city is not involved with the actual tearing down of this, but we are in talks with the new ownership group about some possibilities of opening up Highway to Teague Park which is located directly behind this location,” Hara explained.

Hara feels the park, which features a pond and Veteran’s Memorial, would see more visitors if it were accessible or at least visible from Highway 80.

“Our long term goal would be to be able open it up some to this area of highway 80, and help do some revitalization all along this important thoroughfare of Longview,” Hara said.

Next door to the Globe Tony Holyfield is moving his dealership since he sold his property to the same developers. He says he’s not sorry to see the Globe go.

“The best news Longview could have. That hotel was atrocious. By them tearing it down we’re going to increase the value of highway 80 tremendously,” Holyfield said.

“It’s a goal for the city of Longview to see some redevelopment along highway 80, and really the whole community,” Hara added.

The owner of the properties, Dr. Chris Ihionkhan (En-YO-Khan) has a spokesperson who says they are working closely with the city, and the mayor, for the best interest of Highway 80 and Teague Park.

Williams Construction, the contractor hired to demolish the Globe in says it should be torn down and hauled off in about a week. Ihionkhan (En-YO-Khan) has bought up the nearby Johnny Cace’s property as well. As of yet there are no concrete plans of how any of the properties will be developed.

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