East Texas Food Bank seeks donations for holiday season

Call For Donations

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With exactly one week until Thanksgiving the East Texas food Bank is turning to you for help.

The nonprofit is putting out the call for donations as you gather around the table for the holidays.

Donna Spann, Chief Development Officer, East Texas Food Bank tells KLTV,” There’s a heightened awareness of hunger right now and a heightened awareness of thankfulness right now.

Spann says it’s seeing a higher demand during this time of year.

She attributes the increase during this time because consumers are in the giving spirit.

“We started three months ago so that we could process the food, get the food in at the food bank, and then distribute that food which we're still doing.”

And while many people look forward to holidays, there are many in need of food.

The chief development officer says one in five adults and one in four kids in East Texas don't know where their next meal is coming from---this equals about 240,000 people in our area.

“A lot of individuals have to make choices and we call them tough choices about do i put food on the table, or do I pay my electric bill,” explains Spann.

“Tis the season for giving, and John Soules Foods' employees like Ryan Quinn are delivering a gift for East Texans struggling with hunger.

“This time of year, you may not think about those people. It's something like this that gets you to kind of thinking differently or thinking further,” says Quinn.

For the first time, John Soules Foods is hosting an employee food drive. They are collecting non-perishable food to fill that gap.

“The real winner here is East Texas Food Bank and all the people they help,” explains Quinn.

Organizers say every dollar donated can provide up to eight meals.

“This food that John Soules Foods is collecting for us is going to help,” says Spann.

And with the community joining forces, organizers say these efforts are helping our hungry neighbors in need.

“It comes from the heart and its East Texans giving to East Texans.

John Soules Foods has collected more than 700,000 pounds of food since 2010.

Click here to donate to East Texas Food Bank.

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