ETX cafeteria worker writes inspirational messages on bananas

Lunch Surprise

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - Students at Bullard Elementary are being served appealing messages one banana at a time.

Everyday Misty Edwards and her team of cafeteria workers are busy preparing meals for students at Bullard Elementary.

“When they come through the line it's usually excitement because hey let's see what she's wrote today,” says Misty Edwards, Cafeteria Manager, Bullard Elementary

But it's the unique twist that Edwards and her team brought to the lunch menu this year that is making food fun.

“They've got to peel the banana so why not write on the banana; inspirational things, maybe the kids can enjoy, maybe lift their day up,” adds Edwards.

These dedicated cafeteria workers are transforming more than 200 bananas by decorating them with heartfelt messages.

“I want them to feel loved so when we write I love you; you are loved, it lets them know someone loves them,” explains Edwards.

Edwards decided to bring the banana message to fruition in hopes of empowering students.

“If they had a bad grade on a paper and they just came to lunch they maybe down, and I don't ever want them to give up because they can achieve anything,’ says Edwards.

Each peel has a personal hand-written note.

Marquis Chapman, 4th Grader, Bullard Elementary, banana reads “You are one in a million.”

Sara Collins, 4th Grader, Bullard Elementary banana peel has a special message that reads “You're beautiful.”

Croix Howerton, 4th Grader, Bullard Elementary banana says, “I am bananas for you.”

Overall, the messages of inspiration seem to appeal to students like Collins.

“It's a good idea for them to do it cause sometimes people are hurt and they need something to cheer them up,” explains Collins.

This simple gesture isn't going unnoticed as Bullard Elementary Principal was also touched by the initiative.

Jenny Kasson, Principal, Bullard Elementary tells KLTV, ”you never know the one statement you make, the one comment, the one smile, the one hug you give a kid, you never know what that can do.”

Although the banana skins will eventually be thrown away, Edwards hopes the message sticks with the students throughout the day.

“I hope that throughout the day they remember that message from the cafeteria that day,” says Edwards.

She hopes this creative idea will push students to choose healthier food options.

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