East Texans bounce their way to healthy living in unique Longview fitness class

WEBXTRA: East Texans bounce their way to healthy living in unique Longview fitness class

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A Longview fitness class has taken inspiration from the Land Down Under to create an exercise program that puts a spring in everyone’s step.

Fitness 1440 in Longview hosts a class of high-intensity, low-impact bouncing called Kangoo Jump. The program is focused around specially-constructed bounce shoes. The shoes absorb much of the impact on joints and can be used by any age.

It appears to be an aerobics class for people with really strong legs, but one look at the shoes and you can see they’re getting a little help. It may seem like high impact, but it’s actually the opposite according to Veronica Zulueta.

“It is 80-percent less impact on joints,” Zulueta said.

It offers a soft landing on every jump. Zulueta said it’s very popular in Europe but has been slow to catch on in the U.S.

It’s been around, “Maybe 16 years, that this whole thing started as a rehabilitation product for injured athletes and army people,” Zulueta explained.

And it’s apparently easy to just keep going and going, once you get the hang of it.

“It’s a very good cardio. Your heart rate will go up real quick,” Zulueta said.

She said it will help with muscle, tonification, endurance, skin, cellulite. One member of the class, known as simply Debbie, does this to help her with a sport.

“I do it to help improve my tennis game. And it’s helped my stamina, my balance and my footwork tremendously,” Debbie said.

The boots may seem intimidating, but Zulueta said you can’t fall off of them.

“It was created to give you balance, and you are like you’re in tennis shoes,” Zulueta stated.

And they may look like they’re all doing the same thing, but each class member is performing differently than the others.

“It doesn’t seem like, in the class, but if you really pay attention everybody is doing their own thing. It looks like we all go the same direction and we do; everybody turns, but everybody’s using their own ability and intensity,” Zulueta revealed.

She said that means anyone can do it and improve at their own pace. And maybe eventually come to a complete stop.

Zulueta is a certified Kangoo Jump instructor and teaches at Fitness 1440 in Longview.

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