15-year-old pool phenom to represent USA in upcoming competition in Greece

Sulphur Springs teenager headed to Greece to play pool in international competition

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas (KLTV) - In Sulphur Springs at the Rack and Break billiards, if you come across this 15-year-old, don't play him in pool. He'll take your money.

Cameron Cummings learned his way around the family pool table beginning at the age of six.

“She asked, ‘Have you ever seen Cube, but have you ever seen Cameron play pool?’ and I’m like ‘I’ve seen him a time or two.’ she said, ‘Have you actually ever looked at him? So we went in there, and man, he could just make the balls," Jamie Cummings said of his wife pointing out their son’s talent.

“I started whenever my dad started to teach me to play,” Cameron Cummings said. “He played first, so I got in the business and I just started shootin’.”

He’ll represent the USA in Greece in a 9-ball competition. Don’t you wish when you were 15, you’d get to do this?

“And this past July, we went to South Point Hotel and Casino for the nationals, and he finished third,” said Jamie Cummings, Cameron’s father. “I was just so proud of him, and then when I got the call, he was going to represent the United States I couldn’t wait to get off the phone with the guy I was talking to, and I called my wife.”

The Cummings are a pool playing family, Cameron, as you heard, is Ice Cube, and his mother is Ice Cycle, while dad is the Ice Man. Another sibling who has national experience is known as Iceberg. That’s a cold family when it comes to pool.

It’ll be a family affair because the whole Cummings team of ice leaves for Greece tomorrow. It’s going to take them 31 hours to get there.

It’ll be a tremendous experience where the corner pocket could elevate him to a championship.

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