Steel hot-air balloons popping up in Longview

Steel hot-air balloons popping up in Longview

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - They are going up in Longview, though not as high as their counterparts. The Balloon Sculpture Project sponsored by the Gregg County Historical Museum as part of Longview’s Sesquicentennial Celebration is off the ground, though not literally.

A few of the six-foot steel balloon sculptures were already in place on Monday; others would be revealed on Tuesday.

Lift Off 2020! is underway in Longview with several steel balloon sculptures painted and in place. Shawn Hara, Longview Spokesman says the city council just gave approval for three more in downtown.

“So Longview is celebrating 150 years and the Gregg County Historical Museum as part of our overall celebration, they’re doing this project where they’re selling these balloon sculptures that are going to be placed all over town. And they’re still for sale if you want to get one. Some of them are going right here in downtown. We’ve got three that are coming here very soon and probably some more on the way as well,” Hara explained.

Sugar Magnolia, Texas Bank and Trust and the Gregg County Historical Museum will soon be represented by the sculptures.

“If you want them to go here in the downtown area, or anywhere else that’s actually on public property it has to go through the city council process to get approval for us to place it in the right of way,” Hara said.

Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center now has one, as well as the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center. Casa Flora is the first private business to put one up.

“Balloons are a big part of Longview’s History now with the Great Texas Balloon Race. We’ve got so many hot air balloon pilots that make Longview Home. Just this morning I looked out the window and hey there are five balloons flying in the sky. It’s a nice sight to see but it’s a regular sight to see here in Longview,” Hara said.

So Lindsay Loy at the Gregg County Historical Museum thought the sculptures would be perfect for Longview, and an East Texas Company, Modisette Welding is putting them together.

“They’re going to be placed kind of within our renovated downtown here within some of these landscaped areas. I think it’ll be a nice addition to downtown Longview,” Hara added.

So it seems whether in the air or on the ground those hot air balloons are in Longview to stay.

Tuesday the Longview Public Library will be unveiling their balloon sculpture at 11 am. That will make a total of four six-foot balloon sculptures in place around Longview.

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