East Texas rancher finds 19th poisoned calf in 5 years

“It’s just terrible to kill these animals"

East Texas rancher finds poisoned calf, 19th in 5 years

GREGG COUNTY, TEXAS (KLTV) - The investigation has resumed into a bizarre case of an East Texas rancher having some of his stock killed by poisoning.

In fact, over a 5-year period, investigators say a Gregg County cattle rancher has been targeted numerous times, losing over a dozen calves, by someone delivering poison to the herd.

The cattle ranch, located north of Longview, has been in Buck Birdsongs’ family for over 100 years. For the last 5, he’s been targeted by unknown suspects who have poisoned his stock.

“In talking with the Southwest Cattle Ranching association, this is the only place in Texas where this is happening,” Buck said.

The last incident was last May, and Buck thought it was over.

“Oh I did, and I turned the calves back there where it normally happens. It’s been a year and a half since the last incident,” he said.

On Friday Nov. 17, he found another calf dead. The 19th he’s lost in the 5-year period.

In each case, a toxic cocktail is delivered in plastic bags which the calves ingest, and it occurs in the same spot each time.

Birdsong believes the perpetrators are entering his property through the wood line.

But there have been no clues in spite of Bucks efforts. He put game cameras on the back pasture where this has happened before. Unfortunately there were no images on the cameras.

For Birdsong, he wants those responsible punished for a simple reason.

“It’s just terrible to kill these animals,” Buck said.

Whatever the poison is, it has only been fatal in the calves, and has not been lethal in the full grown cattle.

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