Upshur County constable steps down following knee injury, license issue

WEBXTRA: Upshur County constable steps down following knee injury, license issue

GILMER, Texas (KLTV) - Upshur County Commissioners Court accepted the resignation of its Precinct 3 Constable during its scheduled meeting on Friday.

Upshur Co. Constable

“The reason I resigned was for health reasons,” said Ronnie Mitchell, constable for precinct 3 of Upshur County. “I have a torn meniscus in my left knee as a result of performing P.T. for training for my position.”

Following his resignation Friday, Mitchell said he was “frustrated” that the test was designed for people much younger than he, but he knew he needed to step down so the county could fill his position.

“Up until 2016 you didn’t even have to go back through the academy; I’ve already been through the academy as an officer,” said Mitchell. “Before 2016, you could do what they call challenge the state test — if you passed it, your license was reactivated — but because of changes by the legislature in 2016 you can no longer challenge the test. I was required to go back through the basic police academy which is designed and geared for officers much younger than I am and I understand that.”

Mitchell served as a constable for one year and previously served the county as a juvenile probation officer for more than 30 years.

Upshur County commissioners named Ryan Ludvigson the interim Precinct 3 Constable until a permanent candidate was chosen. He said he’s looking forward to taking on another role and learning from Mitchell.

“The more I looked into it I thought ya, I’d like to give this a try and be able to expand my professional ability to be able to connect to the community and be able to serve them more in a law enforcement capacity,” said Ludvigson.

Mitchell said he hopes to rehab his knee and work towards a return to the position.

“Hopefully with successful rehabilitation on my knee," said Mitchell. “I have the option of announcing and running for the position for the upcoming election.”

Ludvigson is expected to be officially sworn in on November 30.


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