Ten children officially join forever families at Smith County adoption event

Ten children officially join forever families at Smith County adoption event

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Ten children officially joined their forever families Friday during a special adoption event in Tyler.

Lakendra Wortham was among the families gathered at Green Acres Baptist Church for Smith County National Adoption Day.

“This has been a long road getting to this point to where she’s actually legally mine, and I couldn’t be more than blessed,” said Wortham, who already has three other children.

Nathan and Monica Jastrow, of Whitehouse, grew their family by two — adopting a sister and brother.

“We actually had a lot of trouble conceiving our first child, our biological daughter, and so when we decided to grow our family again, we decided to give another child that needed a home a place with us,” Monica said.

For adoptive parents Kolton and Anna Harris, the decision to adopt was bitter sweet.

“We lost our daughter a couple years ago and we didn’t want to have another child because they said there was a 1 in 4 chance that they could have the same disease that she had, and so we looked into the adoption system first and how cost-prohibitive that was and so we went the foster route. Saw this great need,” Kolton said. "Sophia is rambunctious and then her sister is very happy and both of them together have just brought a joy to us.”

“I’ve loved them since they came to our house and just losing our daughter and gaining two because of that, it’s just a real blessing. We just love them,” Anna said.

November is National Adoption Month. Click here If you’re interested in becoming a foster-to-adopt parent. The website provides information on where to attend an adoption meeting and it spells out the requirements to become a foster-to-adopt parent. It also features many of the children who are looking for a forever home.

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