NET Health confirms 8th case of Legionnaire’s disease in East Texas

Updated: Nov. 15, 2019 at 3:19 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - NET Health said they have confirmed an eighth case of Legionnaire’s disease in East Texas.

According to NET Health, the case was one of five possible cases that were being monitored. NET Health said four of those five cases have been eliminated from further review.

They said the confirmation of the eighth new case and the elimination of the four possible cases underwent an extensive investigation. Officials said everyone with confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease so far had visited the East Texas State Fair.

NET Health said initial water testing was conducted on Oct. 25, and revealed appropriate chlorine levels were present within water samples collected in Harvey Hall.

They said on Monday, Nov. 11th, subsequent water samples were taken, so that the specificity of identifying any traces of the Legionella bacteria can become cultured and definitively identified. NET Health said the samples were sent to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia for testing. They said they will report the results of these test samples as soon as they are made available to NET Health from the CDC.

NET Health said they have identified no evidence of any public health risk that would interrupt current or future events from occurring at Harvey Hall and its neighboring properties.

They said attendance at previous, upcoming, or future events at Harvey Hall do not mean that a person has contracted or will contract the Legionella bacteria, as it is only spread whenever water droplets that contain the Legionella bacteria are dispersed in the air and are breathed by a person. Transmission of Legionnaire’s disease does not occur person-to-person.

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