35 years of building: Jimmy Carter’s commitment to Habitat for Humanity

At 95 years old, Jimmy Carter still serves the community by building Habitat for Humanity homes.

35 years of building: Jimmy Carter’s commitment to Habitat for Humanity

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On Tuesday morning, former President Jimmy Carter underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain from bleeding linked to recent fall. This is just one of several health problems Carter has been through this year, but he has remained resilient in serving the community and an organization that’s close to hearts of East Texans.

Carter has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for over 35 years.

“He probably knows how to use every power tool there is. He knows how to put a home together," said Jack Wilson, CEO of Smith County Habitat for Humanity. “For ninety-something years old, that’s an inspiration."

According to the Habitat for Humanity website, the 95-year-old and his wife have worked with 103,000 volunteers on 4,331 houses in 14 countries.

“He’s brought recognition to what we’re trying to do. He has made [Habitat for Humanity] famous. He really has," said Wilson.

In Smith County, Habitat for Humanity has built 108 homes and will give the keys away to their 109th home in December. For many, these homes are answered prayers. Scherry Jones received the keys to her home last month.

“We’re very, very excited to be in our first actual home,” she said. “We are new homeowners. Thank you, Jesus!”

“[Habitat for Humanity} changes the fabric of their lives and of the community forever—for generations," said Wilson.

And even at 95, Carter has worked to make sure all can see that kindness has no age.

“I hope at 95, 96 years old, I can be out there doing the same thing," Wilson said. "It’s just very cool, and it’s an inspiration to everybody else to see him out there and working on it.”

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