Thanksgiving food Americans refuse to do without

And some they refuse to eat.

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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - America’s annual celebration of gratitude and gobblers is just around the corner, and cooks across the country are beginning to plan what they’ll serve on the big day.

Whether you are a first-time host or everyone’s host with the most, it’s likely that part of the plan is to make foods which are traditional to your family. Most of them are the usual, like turkey and dressing, but some folks like to serve something unusual, like pizza.

The grocery shopping service Instacart compiled data and crunched numbers to see which foods and drinks are most … and least … popular among over 2,000 people surveyed for them by Harris Polls.

Let’s start with the least popular food among those traditionally served at Thanksgiving. That top “honor” goes to canned cranberry sauce. The sweet-tart jelled side composed of cranberry juice, sugar and a few other ingredients is not as well loved as one might think. 29% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they dislike it, but they do admit they will eat a bite or two simply because it’s a tradition.

The second-least favorite Thanksgiving food is green bean casserole, with 24% of the vote. The concoction created by mixing canned green beans (most often, but sometimes fresh), canned cream of mushroom soup, and some French fried onions for the topping, apparently doesn’t please some people.

The last three least favorite traditional foods are sweet potato casserole at 22%, pumpkin pie at 21%, and good old Tom Turkey at 19%.

Count yourself lucky if you like all of the above-mentioned foods, because you may have fewer diners with which to compete. That means there will likely be leftovers the day after, which is something many Thanksgiving lovers prefer even to the meal the day of the holiday.

The Harris Poll survey also found that 77% of people love saving holiday meal leftovers.18% of Baby Boomers and 32% of Millennials say they do not look forward to saving the leftovers, believe it or not.

As for drinking on Thanksgiving, the statistics were pretty clear. If you’re drinking alcohol on the holiday, there is a 75% chance that you’re drinking wine. The most popular for the day is red wine, at 47%, followed by white wine at 39% and sparkling wine at 20%. The survey said that the generation most likely to drink a lot of alcohol is Millennials. 19% reported in the poll that they have been too hungover on Thanksgiving to eat or drink anything.

Other interesting facts from the Harris Poll survey:

74% of the people surveyed say they want to have their Thanksgiving meal in a home, not in a restaurant.

14% of Americans admit to serving a store-bought pie and passing it off as homemade on Thanksgiving.

30% of Americans will include a dish from another culture, including things like kimchi, enchiladas or ceviche.

73% of people say having leftovers is the best part of hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

46% of people who purchased pies for Thanksgiving bought pumpkin pie.

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