Salvation Army preparing for cold weather

Salvation Army preparing for cold weather

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Winter has arrived, and the Salvation Army is ready and willing to help anyone affected by the cold.

When the temperature dropped below freezing Monday night and Tuesday morning, the Salvation Army provided services to 44 people.

Trevesia Chevis, the social services manager for the Salvation Army of Tyler said that is the most people she’s seen check in for one night to the shelter, in a long time. But, she said the shelter was prepared.

“We were preparing for it, we’re preparing our cots, blankets, pillows, socks, hats, gloves, anything we need to do to prepare for the cold, and it’s here so we’re ready, my staff is ready,” said Chevis."

Although the Salvation Army sometimes checks IDs, they never turn away anyone in need of shelter. Chevis said that even includes someone whose heat has gone out, and he or she temporarily needs a warm place to stay.

“We do get people that wander in from the streets, we get phone calls all the time,” said Chevis. “Maybe their heat is out and they just need the one night or maybe they’re passing through and their car broke down; anything. We try to assist anyone that needs to come in from the cold.”

This time of year, the Salvation Army could use donations of things like blankets, sheets, pillows, hats, gloves, and socks.

“Anything you can give us to assist our clients when they come in from the cold,” said Chevis.

She said there is always a need for warm and clean socks.

“For the homeless, one thing we do know is socks is a must,” said Chevis. “We need those socks at all times, for all preparations whether it’s hot, cold, winter, summer; socks is a much needed necessity for the people that are in need.”

Donations of other items like razors, shampoo, and towels are always welcome as well.

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