Residents along SH 154 want mailboxes moved for safety

Residents along SH 154 want mailboxes moved for safety

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On Monday evening, Robert Denton was crossing State Highway 154 to get his mail.

“He was walking across the street to the mailbox and tripped and fell and was knocked unconscious,” said Cindy Guyon, Robert’s daughter. “The first car, luckily, saw him fall, but the second car was angry because she slammed on her brakes and he flew around her.”

Guyon saw the incident happen and said they’ve been trying to get the mailboxes on their street moved for a while now.

“We’ve tried to get the mailboxes moved, but they aren’t interested unless they took a petition,” said Guyon. “He asked for all the mailboxes on this side to be moved, but the post office said a petition would be the only way to do it.”

She posted on Facebook about the incident and learned of many others on the same highway having the same issues; including Debra and Eddie Strachan.

“He walked up the hill and fell right in the middle of the road,” said Debra. “Fortunately, he wasn’t unconscious or anything, he was able to get himself up before any traffic came through.”

Debra said they’ve both gotten notes of medical hardship from their doctors requesting the mailboxes be moved to their side of the highway and given them to the post office.

But, they said nothing has been done for almost two years.

“If that is a possibility, which it must be, why can’t a carrier go up one side and down the other and if that can’t be done I don’t understand why the hardship case has to take so long and why it’s not being acted upon,” said Debra. “We’ve gone through their process, what they’ve requested and they haven’t acted on it.”

In February of last year, Debra’s next door neighbor died while crossing to get the mail.

“Bella and I had gone to the end of the driveway so she could check the mail and she got out of the truck to check the mail,” said Deanna Smith, Debra’s nest-door neighbor. “She never looked and she was hit by a car.”

Smith said no one was really at fault in her daughter’s death, so it was forgivable, but she said often it isn’t an accident.

“We can’t predict what the person driving the car is doing and we go to cross that road and somebody isn’t paying attention it puts our lives in jeopardy,” said Smith. “So, I wish and hope they can do something to protect that.”

Smith said she understands moving the mailboxes may add some extra work to the mail carriers, but she hopes the post offices will prioritize the safety of the homeowners.

Guyon said she and her family are going to start a petition to have the mailboxes moved by their house in Big Sandy.

Debra and her husband plan to go to their congressman next, if the petition doesn’t help out.

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