Bring old drugs, vapes and e-cigarettes to Brookshire’s Saturday to safely dispose

Bring old drugs, vapes and e-cigarettes to Brookshire’s this Saturday to safely dispose

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Authorities will now be accepting vapes and e-cigarettes at their drug take-back days.

On Saturday, the Tyler Police Department will be outside of Brookshire’s on Rice Road in Tyler from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., collecting drugs.

This is a no-questions-asked event. Any prescription drugs, other drugs, old vapes or e-cigarettes will be collected and disposed of safely.

This is a yearly event, hosted in April and October, where police departments and sheriff’s offices collect people’s old drugs.

According to Tyler Police Community Response Officer Kerri Long, her department has even taken fentanyl patches before.

If you’re planning on dropping off a vape or e-cigarette, the battery just needs to be removed, but if you’re not sure how to do that, the officers on scene will give you a hand.

“We take any drugs, no questions asked,” said Long. “The main thing is we don’t want people to leave them in their cabinet or we don’t want them to flush them down the toilets or just throw them in the trash. This is a good way to spring clean, get the stuff out of your cabinets and let us take care of it for you.”

If you miss the drop-off window this weekend, you can drop old drugs off at the permanent boxes at the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and the Smith County Fire Marshal’s Office, year-round.

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