Better East Texas: What effect will later school start times have on students?

Better East Texas: What effect will later school start times have on students?

(KLTV/KTRE) - California has done it again. Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation into law that mandates public schools across the state start the school day later. The provision will be implemented over the next few years, but it does essentially as it is described, start the school day later.

I am certain this new law was met with cheers from students, at least initially. But when you think about it, this will cause hardship on many and probably won’t solve the problems it is trying to address. The inspiration of the bill was that studies show that students don’t get enough sleep. As you can imagine, that lack of sleep results in lower performance in school, but it also leads to more depression and worse overall health.

But this also creates a hardship for parents who work, whose work schedules may not be changing. So, students will have to be dropped off early and schools will have to open early. There are already some calls for employers to offer more flexible work schedules to adapt to the school schedules.

The other challenge is that it pushes school activities and classes even later into the evening. But it seems the easy fix for all this is to get kids to bed earlier, lessen their school involvement, and, of course, shorten their evening screen time.

It is easy to see that in some cases, students will just stay up later, taking advantage of the later start, as well. So legislation probably won’t correct something that parents should be doing in the first place. Hopefully this concept will stay in California.

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