EF-0 tornado downs trees, damages property in Fairplay

Overnight storms down trees, damage property in Fairplay

FAIRPLAY, Texas (KLTV) - In Fairplay overnight, storms knocked down quite a few trees.

The storm has now been confirmed by the National Weather Service to have spawned an EF-0 tornado.

Near the intersection of FM 124 and Highway 79, a few residents had some property damage.

KLTV’s Jamey Boyum spoke with a resident who weathered the storm.

Jeremy Stuart and his wife were home when it hit.

“Took out this tree here, a tree back over here, took out the greenhouse, took out this tree on the other end over here. Landed on the neighbors’ house,” Stuart said.

His neighbor was home at the time and was hit by a piece of drywall that fell from the ceiling when the tree hit his house. That’s when the power went.

“I think there’s a total of six power lines that the poles are busted. Ripped all of my meter loop and everything - ripped it all off the pole,” Stuart said.

He says he was afraid a huge, leaning tree was going to fall on his mobile home, but it fell slightly away from his house.

“Got plenty of firewood now,” Stuart said.

And he did have extensive damage to a greenhouse that he had just repaired for the second time.

“So yesterday, we spent the day putting it back together so that the tree could fall on it, so I’m not sure if a greenhouse is in the works over here,” he said.

He is planning on trying again.

“We all came out safe and sound, so there’s not much more you can ask for,” Stuart added.

Stuart said it was over in less than two minutes, and neither he nor his wife were injured.

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