Earl Campbell says Mahomes’ comeback is important for Chiefs, NFL

Earl Campbell says Mahomes’ comeback is important for Chiefs, NFL
Patrick Mahomes (Source: Kansas City Chiefs)

(KLTV) - Former Whitehouse Wildcat and current Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes may miss several games after taking a hit to the knee Thursday night.

“The original injury that Patrick has been dealing with — that has a lot to do with this one — is what we call a high ankle sprain,” said longtime trainer and friend, Bobby Stroupe, the founder of APEC. “When that happens, even on the left side, there is compensation and pressure being pushed over to the opposite side and if you’ve watched him the past couple of weeks you can see that hes had to compensate.”

Mahomes was injured during a game Thursday night against the Denver Broncos. He was hurt “while sneaking for a first down on fourth-and-short deep in Broncos territory. Everyone jumped up from the pile but Mahomes, who immediately grabbed for his right knee as trainers rushed onto the field,” AP writer Dave Skretta said.

“I think playing the season is not out of the question and playing at a high level is not out of the question,” said Stroupe. “Personally, knowing Patrick, if the opportunity is there hes got an incredible pain tolerance; hes an adapter. Hes played through injuries a lot in his career. I don’t expect him to not take advantage of everything going forward.”

Team physicians moved his patella, or knee cap, back into place while still on the field. Mahomes was able to walk off the field with a limp. He is expected to miss four to six weeks, according to a person close to the situation, Skretta said.

Another famous East Texas athlete says Mahomes’ comeback is important, not only for the Chiefs, but for the National Football League.

“I think after Drew Brees, the Manning brothers and Tom Brady; I think going into the 2000s now it’s a changing of the guards and Patrick Mahomes is the leader of that group,” said Earl Campbell. Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson and all those guys; I think they wanna be like somebody from East Texas and that’s Patrick Mahomes and the thing is the standards."

Campbell says he believes Mahomes will learn from this injury and come back better than ever.

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