Kilgore College homecoming halftime to feature nearly 300 Rangerettes

Rangerette Practice

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - Once you’re in, it’s forever, and that’s why all former Rangerettes were asked to come back for a big performance at this year’s Kilgore College homecoming game. And it’s all because the Rangerettes are turning 80.

The Kilgore College Rangerettes were formed to attract more women to Kilgore College and to keep football fans in their seats during half time.

The 80th line has been kicking it at practice getting ready for the big line up of nearly 300, which includes any former Rangerettes who wanted to join in on the home field during the 2019 Homecoming Game.

Lesley Molder Allen was a Rangerette captain from 1979 to 1981 and came in from California.

“There’s a sisterhood that’s like nothing else. You only spend two years here, but there’s something so similar. And when we were in the hotel just a little while ago, yesterday we met someone from the 25th line, and I just said it to my girlfriends this morning, I said, "This is someone that came way before us but they have the same experiences that we all get, even the girls that are here now,' ” Allen said.

And there were a lot of them at the Rangerette Museum on the Kilgore College Campus. It attracted those who are “Rangerettes Forever."

“To have a group that’s 80 years in the making, and three directors in all that time, and still wearing the same uniform for all that time; there’s nothing like it,” Allen beamed.

And of course, Director Dana Blair, a former Rangerette herself, doled out a few hugs, some to those who were in the same line as Blair. Allen’s line was a few years before Blair’s.

“We have a great showing this year. We have about 14 girls from our class; from the 40th line that will be here,” Allen revealed.

She says she has taught drill team camps and now has a Pilates and Yoga studio back home. The dance has stayed with her, along with Rangerette memories.

“Still to this day, the day that I was awarded the baton for captain of the Rangerettes, is still one of my favorite moments in life,” Lesley added.

And now she, and a couple hundred of her sisters, some of whom she’s never met, will dance for the crowd and hear that applause once again.

The Rangerettes will perform at halftime at the homecoming game against TJC. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium in Kilgore.

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